We all know that COVID-19 has not only rattled millions of lives but has left our economy in shambles too. To aid people from the adverse impacts of a global pandemic and take their worries away, the government of Malaysia has come up with a COVID-19 moratorium for all individuals and COVID-19 SME bank loans for an extended period. This relief has the aim to help customers to face the adverse economic effects of an aggravating Covid-19 situation.

There are plenty of banks in Malaysia that are offering COVID-19 Personal loans such as Bank Rakyat, Bank Islam, BSN, CIMB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, and many more

However, each of them has different policies and merits for you. Some of them are as follows:

CIMB Bank:

Rescheduling of installment repayments

A moratorium for up to six months

Customers may submit applications for available financial assistance.

Hong Leong Bank:

A moratorium of up to six months or rescheduling of installment repayments

The bank has formed a priority lane to provide its urgent service to customers.

SME customers are also allowed to apply for exclusive relief facilities from SME Bank Negara.

Regarding the moratorium, Hong Leong Bank has decided that they will not charge any compound interest on their loans during these testing times.

The banks have taken the shield similar to those of superheroes and are offering massive help to people, making them their aficionado of humanity.

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