Just like all other types of loans, government loans have the same features, including flexible repayment methods, high borrowing amount, and reasonable rates. The government of Malaysia offers a wide range of mortgages. From government employee loans, government servant loans, and GLC personal loans to government staff loans, all needs are well catered.

Who is eligible for government loans?

As the name implies, the government loans are specifically for people working in the government sector. If you are an employee of federal and state governments, it is highly likely that your loan application will get approved. Most banks offer government loans to the employees of all government bodies such as police, army, and government-linked companies (GLC) as well.

What are the key features and merits of government loans?

People with low-income can apply: The government employees are eligible for government personal loans. People with a salary as low as RM800 monthly can apply for a loan, although it varies for each bank, respectively.

Low-interest rate: The government’s personal loans and pinjaman kakitangan Kerajaan have low-interest rates. Therefore the difference between the principal amounts is not that significant, so it is safe to say government loans are easy on the pocket too.

What documents do you require for a government loan?

Like any other government loan, you need to prepare a set of documents for the bank and government to process your application. Consequently, you will receive your government loan in no time.

Following are the documents bank needs for the application of government loan:

● ID Card / passport

● Recent salary slips

● Confirmation Letter from Employer/GLC

● Bank statement

● Other documents may be required

Conclusion: Before applying for government loans, you must compare all interest rates and requirements. Therefore, you can get the best value for your loans.

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